EventQL Cloud BETA

Building and maintaining a reliable event analytics infrastructure requires a lot of effort, time and money. EventQL Cloud is a managed event analytics platform as a service. Let us worry about infrastructure maintenance and focus on your core product.

  • The managed event analytics platform from the creators of EventQL
  • No vendor lock-in. The technology powering EventQL Cloud is 100% open-source
  • Enterprise-grade support and 24/7 SRE coverage
  • Fully compliant with EU privacy and data sharing regulations

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Currently in Private Beta

We're currently ramping up our worldwide rollout of EventQL Cloud. If you'd like to get access please give one of our sales engineers a ping. You can download and try it on your own machines right now though, it's all open source!

What is Event Analytics?

Event Analytics allows you to capture real-time measurements, behaviour and performance data from any device, process or user. You then correlate and aggregate the stored data to create real-time dashboards or drive automated optimizations from performance data.

1. Collect Data from any Source

EventQL cloud ™ can capture events from any from any source or device as long as it is connected to the internet.

2. Super-fast Database

At the core of EventQL Cloud™ is our open-source database. Go straight from raw input data to results with super-fast queries.

3. Real-time Dashboards

Get beautiful custom dashboards to display the data that matters. Monitor your KPIs in real time and make intelligent decisions.

Why EventQL Cloud?

Fully compliant with EU Privacy Regulations

Our tracking and analytics solutions are fully compliant with European and German Privacy Laws. We're happy to offer custom NDA and ADV contracts.

Open-source technology

Our cloud and custom solutions are based on open-source high perfomance data analytics technology that we develop in-house.

Professional services and enteprise-grade support from expert engineers

We provide innovative data engineering as a service and develop custom data analytics, processing and visualization solutions.

Fully Managed Deployment

Focus on your core product and let us worry about data infrastucture maintenance. EventQL cloud is fully managed and 24/7 SRE supported.

Built for data-driven businesses

Don't limit yourself to a predefined off-the-shelf data model or analytics software. EventQL allows you to monitor your custom KPIs from every corner of your business. Get instant, retroactive drilldowns into any dimension, automatic updates from your marketing campaigns, sales opportunities, servers, and more! Don't wait for a manual report, get data on events as they happen.

Make your individual data model a first class citizen and combine data from all your sources into a bespoke real-time data analytics suite for your team or your users.

Raw Data Access

Go beyond simple dashboards with direct access to your data. The raw data feed and any metric that is calculated in EventQL cloud is made available to you via our HTTP and SQL APIs. Leverage the API to drive algorithmic optimizations and plug performance data into any part of your product and business processes

Embedded Analytics

Any piece of data can be pushed to external systems, like your CRM system or your CMS, allowing you to plug perfomance data back into any part of your business processes.

You can also use our APIs to add highly interactive data-driven features, optizimizations and visualizations to your app in minutes. EventQL Cloud builds upon standard SQL so any tool or framework that can already connect to SQL databases can also connect to EventQL.

Have a question? Talk to a sales engineer sales@eventql.io