The EventQL HTTP API gives you full access to EventQL via HTTP. All EventQL operations can be executed via this API. The EventQL CLI uses the HTTP API to access EventQL.

Version Prefix

All API routes are prefixed with /api/v1/. This documentation is only for the v1 version of the API

Backwards compatibility: At the current version, EventQL does not yet promise backwards compatibility even with the v1 prefix. We'll remove this warning when this policy changes. We expect we'll reach API stability by EventQL 1.0.


POST /api/v1/tables/create Create a new table (or overwrite an existing table).
POST /api/v1/tables/add_field Add a field to an existing table.
POST /api/v1/tables/remove_field Remove a field from an existing table.
POST /api/v1/tables/insert Insert or update row(s).
POST /api/v1/tables/drop Remove an existing table.
POST /api/v1/tables/list List existing tables.
POST /api/v1/tables/describe Obtain information about the table and its columns.


POST/GET /api/v1/sql Execute SQL