POST /api/v1/tables/add_field

Add a new field to an existing table.

Resource Information

Content-Type application/json


database (optional) The name of the database.
table The name of an existing table to add the field to.
field_name The name of the field to add.
field_type The data type of the new field. Any EventQL data type is allowed.
repeated Boolean. If true, the field type is specified as repeated.
optional Boolean. If true, the field is marked as optional.

Example Request

    >> POST /api/v1/tables/add_field HTTP/1.1
    >> Content-Type: application/json
    >> Content-Length: ...
    >> {
    >>   "table": "my_sensor",
    >>   "field_name": "location",
    >>   "field_type": "STRING",
    >>   "repeated": false,
    >>   "optional": true
    >> }

Example Response

    << HTTP/1.1 201 Created
    << Content-Length: 0