POST /api/v1/tables/remove_field

Remove an existing field from an existing table. To alter the (sub-)schema of a RECORD column, specify the column name as parent1.parent2.parentN.column_name.

Please note, that fields that are part of the primary key can't be deleted.

Resource Information

Content-Type application/json


table The name of the table to remove the field from.
field_name The name of the field to remove.
database (optional) The name of the database.

Example Request

    >> POST /api/v1/tables/remove_field HTTP/1.1
    >> Content-Type: application/json
    >> Content-Length: ...
    >> {
    >>   "table_name": "my_sensor_table",
    >>   "field_name": "location"
    >> }

Example Response

    << HTTP/1.1 201 Created
    << Content-Length: 0