2.5.2 Adding Servers

Adding new servers to an EventQL cluster is an instant, cheap operation. In most cases, adding a new server will not result in any rebalances of data (i.e. it doesn't create any additional network traffic or load on the servers).

In general, having more servers in an EventQL cluster means you'll be able to more or less linearly store more data and execute queries faster. So adding more servers is always good.

To add a new server, you must first choose a name for the server. This can be whatever you want, e.g. the machine's hostname. We will use nodeX for our example - change accordingly.

The general command to add a new server is:

$ evqlctl cluster-add-server --server_name "nodeX"

However, you might have to pass configuration options. Assuming you are running zookeeper as the coordination service on localhost:2181 and the cluster name is mycluster, the full command line could look like this:

$ evqlctl cluster-add-server \
    -C cluster.name=mycluster \
    -C cluster.coordinator=zookeeper \
    -C cluster.zookeeper_hosts=nue01.prod.fnrd.net:2181 \
    --server_name "nodeX"