2.3 Components

The EventQL distribution contains three programs/binaries called evql (client and interactive shell), evqld (server) and evqlctl (cluster control).

evql - EventQL Shell & Command Line

The evql program is a simple command line utility that executes SQL and MapReduce queries on an EventQL server. It supports an interactive shell with line editing capabilities and noninteractive use.

evqld - EventQL Server

evqld, also known as the EventQL server, is the main server program. When the EventQL server starts, it listens for network connections and HTTP requests from client programs and executes writes and queries on behalf of those clients.

evqlctl - EventQL Cluster Administration

evqlctl is a client command line utility for performing administrative operations on an EventQL server or cluster. You can use it to check and change a clusters configuragtion and current status, to add and remove servers and more.