8.1 mysql2evql

mysql2evql is a command line tool that allows you to import a MySQL table into EventQL. Before you can import your MySQL table, you need to create the corresponding table in EventQL with a compatible schema.

Usage: $ mysql2evql [OPTIONS]

   --source_table            Name of the MySQL table to import
   --destination_table       Name of the EventQL table to import to
   -D, --database <db>       Select a database
   -h, --host <hostname>     Set the EventQL server hostname
   -p, --port <port>         Set the EventQL server port
   --auth_token <token>      Set the auth token (if required)
   -x, --mysql               MySQL connection string
   --filter                  Boolean SQL expression to filter the import table data
   --shard_size              Size of a shard
   --upload_threads          Number of concurrent threads

  mysql2evql --source_table users --destination_table users --mysql "mysql://localhost:3306/my_db?user=root" --host localhost --port 9175 --database all