1.1 Introduction

EventQL is a distributed, analytical database. It allows you to store massive amounts of structured data and explore it using SQL and other programmatic query facilities.

From a user perspective, interacting with an EventQL instance feels similar to interacting with most traditional SQL databases. Data is stored as rows in schemaful tables. You can insert and retrieve rows, execute complex queries and create, edit and drop tables.

However, EventQL is not a general purpose database. It was designed for large scala data analysis and processing and has a fully distributed architecture. This design allows you to ingest, process and query massive amounts of data at low latency, but also makes EventQL less suited for classical transaction processing tasks.

Getting Started with EventQL

If you don't like reading documentation, start with the "First Steps" page. It will walk you through starting a server, inserting events and running a query in 10 minutes.

To take the deep dive, these pages give a good overview of the the major concepts: