3.6 Inserting Rows

Before you can insert rows, you need to create a table. Note that all tables have a mandatory unique primary key.

Insert via SQL

You can use the SQL INSERT INTO statement to insert new rows.

INSERT [INTO] table_name
  [(column_name, ...)] VALUES (expr, ...)
| FROM JSON "{ ... }"

If you do not specify a list of columns, the columns are selected in the same order as defined in the table schema. Please run DESCRIBE table_name, if you're unsure about the order of the columns.


INSERT INTO my_table (col1, col2) VALUES (123, "somestring");

Example (from JSON):

INSERT INTO my_table FROM JSON '{"col1": 123, "col2": "somestring"}'

Insert via HTTP API

You can also insert JSON rows using the HTTP API. Please refer to the API reference for the specifics.

Example insert using the HTTP API:

curl \
   -X POST \
   -d '[ { "table": "my_table", "data": { "col1": 123, "col2": "somestring" }  }  ]' \