3.4 Modifying Tables

ALTER TABLE table_name
alter_specification [, alter_specification, ...]

alter_specification ::=
    ADD [COLUMN] column_definition
  | DROP [COLUMN] column_name

column_definition ::=
    column_name [REPEATED] sql_type [NOT NULL]

Alter table changes the structure of the table by adding or removing columns.


ALTER TABLE temperature_measurements ADD COLUMN sensor_location STRING;

NOTE: If you are an EventQL Cloud user you can also create and update table schemas from the web interface. Go to EventQL Cloud > Tables and click the Create Table button on the top right corner.

Altering RECORD columns

You can also alter the (sub-)schema of a RECORD column. To do so, simply specify the column name as parent1.parent2.parentN.column_name.

Fore example:

ALTER TABLE nested_table ADD COLUMN nested.something STRING;


You can also alter tables using the HTTP API. Please refer to the HTTP API reference.