EventQL uses the linux kernel versioning scheme: major.minor.patchlevel. An even minor marks a stable release. Odd minors are used for unstable releases, for example 0.5.x releases are the unstable versions of what will be EventQL 0.6 once stable.

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EventQL Server — v0.4.0-rc0 (beta)

This package includes the EventQL server aswell as the eventql command line interface and client headers. See the release notes for v0.4.0-rc0

Mac OSX (x86_64) — Installer (.pkg) 41.3MB eventql-0.4.0-rc0-darwin_x86_64.pkg
Mac OSX (x86_64) — Binary Tarball 41.3MB eventql-0.4.0-rc0-darwin_x86_64.tgz
Linux (x86_64) — Binary Tarball 272.7MB eventql-0.4.0-rc0-linux_x86_64.tgz
Source Code 21.1MB eventql-0.4.0-rc0.tgz

Downloads for historical versions are available here.